The Atkins Diet Is Something That Can Help You Achieve Success With Losing Weight

In 1992, Dr Robert Atkins developed a diet, which is generally known as the Atkins diet, and it has become really popular. You are going to find that this diet can provide you with rapid results if you are trying to lose some weight. As you are probably already aware, this system is about decreasing your carbohydrate intake, and this system will show you how to do this in four different phases.

The first phase of this program is going to be the most challenging for many and it is going to last for two weeks. This is really a hard phase for many dieters, as a result of the changes their body has to make. Your body is going to begin burning up fat for the energy you require instead of using carbohydrates for this. Although you’re going to be permitted to eat carbohydrates in this first phase you are going to find that the ones in green vegetables are the only people you are going to be permitted to eat. Any carbohydrates you’re going to find in bread or any other kind of food will have to be removed from your diet. I’m certain you are able to understand that your cravings will be immense at first, but within a few days you may possibly find that these cravings have diminished quite a lot. You are going to see that after the first 14 days things are going to get a little easier in the second phase of the program.

They call this second phase the ongoing weight loss portion of the program. And at this time you are going to see that you’ll have the ability of including more carbohydrates into your daily diet. Each day you get to only add five grams of carbohydrates, and you’ll want to closely monitor the volume of weight you are losing. Bear in mind, you have to make certain you’re not adding into many carbohydrates if you want to continue to drop some weight. When you start eating too many carbs again the weight loss will stop, that will defeat your purpose. With regards to the third phase of this system you’re going to need to be close to your main target weight before you begin it. The third phase is precisely what will help you reach your actual goal not to mention you are going to have the ability to begin adding in even more carbohydrates into your diet.

Again you will need to find out what amount of carbohydrates you can eat to keep a steady rate of losing weight. During this phase you are going to have to decide for yourself how many carbs you are able to eat without gaining weight. You may possibly not understand this but once you actually reach your goal you will need to follow this amount of carbohydrates to maintain your losing weight. When that happens, you are able to move on to the fourth phase, referred to as Lifetime Maintenance. Unlike other programs this one is going to show you exactly how to stay at the weight that you ultimately achieve. You’re going to see that throughout the process of this diet your body is becoming more accustomed to low carbohydrates, so maintaining your weight shouldn’t be that difficult.

Like any diet that works, the Adkins diet must be maintained or the weight can easily come back. For individuals who reach your ideal weight and then just start eating the carbohydrates again like you did before, you’ll start gaining weight again. You might find that this weight loss program can be the thing which will help you reach your goals.

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